Why do we need High-tech Connect Suisse?

We want to inspire Switzerland to become a high-tech nation (in all areas but in particular in the most important IT sector) like the currently leading high-tech ecosystems Silicon Valley, Israel and -new – China.

Also we want to identify road blocks and help remove them. We do not want to copy anybody but find a unique culturally compatible way.

The ultimate goal must be to develop and secure high-tech jobs in these sectors to compensate for the loss in the “traditional” industries like financial services.

It is an international battle for investing in ideas, entrepreneurs and creating large global high-tech firms based also in Switzerland. We want to help prepare for that now.

What are the goals of High-Tech Connect Suisse

  • Bring the spirit of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems to Switzerland
  • Meet well-selected international high-tech startups from Silicon Valley, Israel, China, and Europe
  • Show new (information) technology trends originating from leading innovation ecosystems
  • Provide training and networking possibilities for technology entrepreneurs and established Swiss corporations
  • Conduct and finance research in technology entrepreneurship and global innovation ecosystems
  • Ultimately help develop internationally successful technology ventures, future-proof existing corporations, and create and secure high-tech jobs now and in the future

How High-Tech Connect can benefit your interests:


High-tech Trends and Innovation Ecosystem Trips

High-Tech Connect holds several events. There are two types of events: global innovation ecosystem (Silicon Valley, Israel, China, etc.) and high-tech trends. We understand the value of learning from these global innovation ecosystem success stories, first-hand experiences and networking: our events enable members to keep up-to-date with what the global high-tech trends will bring and how they can benefit from and be a part of it.

Through international business development trips to Silicon Valley, Israel, China and other places, our members can learn first-hand about latest high-tech trends and innovation ecosystems. These trips are not mere sightseeing or educational, but focus on specific business topics such as security startups in Israel, or leading startups in Silicon Valley seeking EMEA headquarters and others.

Innovation Finance Consultancy


Innovation financing has become a challenge for many Swiss startups. This is particularly true for follow on investments. Our network and that of our partners can advise our members on a consultancy basis.

Most Swiss high-tech ventures never successfully expand outside of Switzerland. Our experts advise and offer first-hand support for ambitious startups who want to become global success stories.


Professional Training

Through constructive engagement with global innovation ecosystems High-Tech Connect works to learn stakeholders requirements, formulate Swiss innovation ecosystem requirements and address these with the authorities and government to help Switzerland be part of the global innovation trends both now and in the future.

Through its own courses and in partnership with others, High-Tech Connect offers a selection of courses designed to enable its members to learn what it takes to benefit from the latest high-tech trends, as well as how to grow a high-tech venture globally to compete with the biggest success stories.

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