Call for Presentations and Sponsoring Possibilities in 2018

11.1.2018:    1. Swiss E-Voting Summit
Discusses the possibilities as well as security issues around the Swiss e-voting efforts by looking at international experiences like in Estonia and USA.

30.1.2018:   13. Datacenter & Cloud Management
Maybe the best datacenter technology and operations event in Switzerland. A must go for all datacenter experts.

1.2.2018:     13. Cyber Intelligence
Another high-end tech event with excellent references from industry experts: ” I have never seen such a high-quality security event with such speakers and attendees before in Switzerland.” CISO, UBS

8.2.2018:    11. Future IT Workplace – now
If you want to dive into the future of IT workplace solutions then don’t miss this IT workplace manager community networking possibility.

21.3.2018:   4. Silicon Valley meets Switzerland
Our flagship event so to speak. Some of the most promising startups from Silicon Valley meet the smartest high-tech business managers, entrepreneurs and engineering experts from Switzerland. If you are an IT manager then you cannot miss this excellent networking opportunity.

19.4.2018:   3. Silicon Wadi meets Switzerland
Whow what quality of speakers we had at the second event on June 19 in Zürich! Imagine Marc Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Elon Musk, And Thiel etc. would come for the Silicon Valley event then you have a comparison of what the program was like. Hard to top in 2018 but we will try of course! 🙂  Be part of it.

If interested in any of these events please send an email to:

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