4. International MoneyTech event in Zürich with major industry announcements

We had a jam-packed agenda for this exciting morning. 18 speakers, many internationally, gave insights what they are working on. <!–more–>

It is difficult to mention highlights as we had so many, but here a few that are worth noting even more:

  • Lykke’s board member Dr. H. Zetlmayer talked about how they built this Blockchain platform and also gave an outlook what will come soon. In short: a stable, reliable, secure and internationally regulation compliant platform for all who want to use Blockchain technology.
  • Transferwise is already quite a successful operation. Now they will intro soon more exciting products and services. “Stay tuned and watch Jan. 2018” said Edward Dowling when I asked him what will finally replace my hated wallet.
  • Bankable’s Eric Mouilleron wants to be the salesforce.com for banking systems. salesforce.com itself is a customer. “They understand our approach”. said Eric.  No RFIs, no RFPs they will answer but do proof of concept and build a prototypes instead. So instead of paper shuffling they do the real thing. Makes sense to me…
  • Panel discussion:  we could assemble a great group panel participants.  We started out talking about what hinders Switzerland and Europe in fast moving hightech innovation to conclude that the FinTech revolution is still to come and not ending quickly.

Overall a great showcase for what is going on in FinTech internationally and in Switzerland. Too bad only that many missed it. Another event highlight in technology trends in Switzerland. So don’t miss it in 2018…

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