Future Jobs:  talk to master class students at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

This evening I follow an invitation to talk to the master class of the HSLU in Horw on what we can learn from Silicon Valley.

What they don’t know yet is that I changed the topic to:

Future Jobs:  Hightech Innovation Ecosystems – how to have fun, satisfaction, gain freedom and maybe become famous… at work


it was great fun and very interesting for me to share some of the experiences I made working in Silicon Valley with the students and professors and also share my latest impressions on what is going on in Silicon Valley from last weeks’ trip.

Thanks to Prof. Sascha Götte and his “Wirtschafts-Ingenieurs” master class students, other attending professors and alumni.

What I recommended to everybody was:  go to Silicon Valley, Israel, or China and work in a hot startup ecosystem. After a few years come back though and apply all your gained knowledge and experiences in Switzerland and get things moving here as well. Like this we can combine high quality of life and the future that hightech ecosystems bring with creating lots of well paying jobs.

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