Tarvi Martens: Chairman of the Estonian Electronic Voting Committee in Zürich

How Estonia’s E-Voting System Could Be The Future

Modern-day Estonia has become synonymous with the notion of reimagining how citizens interact with their government, making nearly every governmental service available from home or on the go via a mouse click. Since 2005 the country has allowed its citizens to cast their votes in pan-national elections via a secure online portal system, growing to over 30% of votes cast in the last several elections, according to Tarvi Martens, Chairman of the Estonian Electronic Voting Committee.

Last year the University of Tartu and the Estonian National Electoral Committee published a fascinating 244-page report in English that looks back on Estonia’s decade of electronic voting and explores some of the more contentious issues like authentication/security and whether evoting creates bias by mobilizing more younger or demographically or ideologically biased portions of the populations, along with deployment issues like stickiness and obstacles and costs confronting nations considering deploying themselves.  Full article

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Tarvi Martens, Chairman of the Estonian Electronic Voting Committee.

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