4. Silicon Valley meets Switzerland event

The 4. Silicon Valley meets Switzerland event was a good success.

Here some of the things that I found noteworthy and lasting:

  • eSports seems to be a phenomena that will engage the young and educated who also can afford to spend money on gadgets more and more. It is a growing market and provides many new business and advertisement opportunities.
  • My take was: how can one combine the old physical sports world with the new virtual eSports world? I would rather see my kids do some physical sports and then also eSports than only the latter. Also social skills could be better developed if interaction with humans is still required.
  • Self-driving cars will come and it will be the highest level 5 which is full autonomous driving. People said that will be in maybe 10 years. I am not sure but would think it is much faster. The last fatal crash by UBER in Arizona will not change that.

“One high-tech job in Silicon Valley creates 5 other jobs.”
– commented by Shomit Goshe, Onset Ventures

  • Something that we have not yet grasped it seems. In the panel discussion still the old but IMHO not valid story was told:  “we are a stable country hence people and tech companies come to us.” “We have a highly accurate watch-making culture. How can we create buggy things?”  Jane Royston mentioned that the goal must be to build big tech firms in Switzerland. Otherwise we will have a hard awakening. How this can be done stills remains a big open question and will keep this discussion valid for quite some time to come.
  • My take is: how can we actually participate with an over-engineering mindset in a highly competitive and ultra-fast new high-tech world market? Can only foreigners bring us fast decision- making, risk and failure acceptance and the capability to live with not perfectly designed and engineered products as long as we can fix problems quickly? Israel brought foreigners into the country and could build a striving high-tech ecosystem.
    I am in Israel the next 10 days and will meet with universities, investors, accelerators, gov. representatives and very promising startups as well. Here to see if anything can be applied.

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