14 international accelerators: “the 4 components for startup success”


A recent survey among 14 international accelerators brought up these 4 components. see below.

Earlier on in 2015, Bill Gross, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, did an analysis of all their incubator investments and came up with  “timing” as the single most important criteria for success:


1. Work/Action

“Startups need doers. Doers live for building things and executing. Founders who execute intelligently and quickly are more likely to succeed.”

2. Customer Focus

“Don’t focus too much on funding! Focus on solving the right problem, the right way. Focus on basics; customers, their experience and retention.”

3. Empathy

“It sounds incredibly counterintuitive, but those who practice grace, generosity and peace are more likely to succeed due to their inherent capabilities and perceptions of life and business,”

4. Persistence

“Willingness to listen and learn, persistence, and the ability to excite others about their idea.”

“Perseverance is the X-factor. There will be troughs of sorrow, pits of despair, crashes of ineptitude, but understand that the obstacle is the way forward. Know that there are only two steps on the path: start and never stop.”

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