My work experience in Silicon Valley

Every so often I am asked what I did in Silicon Valley. While it is a nice way to get into innovation ecosystem, entrepreneurship and high-tech talk with people at events, I think it might interest others as well, hence this blog post.

Some of the lessons learned are very specific to Silicon Valley but others are relevant as well for Switzerland and Europe.

Also, as the high-tech startup scene in Switzerland and Europe is developing rapidly, there is hope and the expectation to come closer and closer over time.

First of all it is some time ago, but many of the things that happened to me there are still highly valid albeit in other hightech areas.

Time: 1997 – 2001

Hightech trends:  next-gen data communications, giga and terabit routers, optical communications, tuneable lasers, semiconductors, search technology

Success stories:  many trade sales in the billions USD to Nortel, Alcatel, Lucent; IPOs: Foundry Networks, Extreme Networks, Broadcom

Apple, Google and Facebook did not yet have the success as we know today or did not yet exist.

What was crucial at the time: due to this huge exits lots of money was around and many VCs were looking for startups to invest into. As it turned out there was too much money which lead to partly crazy investments. One of these areas was Metro-DWDM… let me explain why.

stay tuned… will continue this post shortly.

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