This school scans classrooms every 30 seconds through facial recognition technology

“A high school in China has made a facial recognition technology system that scans the student’s behavior in the classroom.

The facial recognition technology introduced in the school is recording facial expressions of all students while they are in their classrooms. The system scans the classroom every 30 seconds and recognizes seven different expressions such as neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, scared, angry and surprised.

The system is called as“Intelligent Classroom Behavior Management System” and it is being used at Hangzhou No. 11 High School. With scanning facial expressions the system has the ability to even analysis six types of behaviors by the students such as standing up, reading, writing, hand raising, listening to the teacher, and leaning on the desk.”

I think there is quite a cultural difference in applying this technology in a school.  I strongly doubt this would be possible in Switzerland. They might call it “Intelligent Classroom Surveillance Management System”.
But in China and probably many Asians countries it seems in line with the strict education style there and neither parents nor students oppose it.

Such and many other differences in cultural approaches in hightech will be discussed at the 1. Chinese-Swiss Hightech Summit on Nov 6 in Zurich.

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