Elon Musk: genius or paranoid?

Update: By mentioning that Tesla might buy its shares and take itself off the stock market Elon Musk possibly hurt the shortsellers betting against Tesla loosing billions USD. Yet another proof that you should not mess or bet against him.

Elon Musk is hard to grasp. One day he is concerned about the misuse of artificial intelligence and says he is scared of one company only (meaning Google) and also starts an Open AI consortium to share AI knowhow rather than concentrate it in one organisation.  https://openai.com/

Then on another day he calls a diver in the Thai soccer team rescue a pedophile and his board makes him apologise. http://fortune.com/2018/07/15/elon-musk-thai-rescue-diver-pedo-guy/

Yet another day he shows up in Turkey following an invitation by president Erdogan but then praises in public how much he likes Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey and with that takes all wind out of president Erdogan’s attempt to misuse him for his election campaign.

A brilliant pr move and quite the opposite yet again to what he just did yesterday when he used a Hitler meme to make fun of his critiques who rated Tesla as a sell.


So here is my take on it. If you have never been a risk-taking entrepreneur who puts all his heart, money and energy to achieve something that many considered as impossible or insane then it is not possible to understand him.

This guy gets better and better the more people say it is not possible and the more people doubt him.  If you live in such an environment then you might also loose your manners and let yourself go or say things at the spur of the moment that are inappropriate. As you can tell I have lots of respect for such a man and can forgive his outbursts. I rather support such a man than the traditional car industry who has always tried to use any bad Tesla news to discredit them and to delay EV success in the market and with that cover up their very own misjudgement of future mobility innovations.

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