SDA: will robots kill all jobs in news agencies?

Tamedia-Roboter ersetzt SDA-Sportredaktion

This latest news will intensify discussions on the good vs bad of artificial intelligence and its threat on jobs.

My take on this: this is a classical case for not using new opportunities and trends but simply ignoring them for many years. Management must have seen this coming and it looks like did not do anything at all.

For many years it is possible to set Google Alerts and with that collect any news in the world on a specific topic.

The value of buying such news from a news agency was going down rapidly.

What could have been done and can still be done?

Use these new opportunities and build a highly automated search that includes online marketing possibilities to target buyer groups such as Google does it. Thereby addressing the specific needs of journalists for verifying the accuracy of news. The latter must still be done by humans assisted by technology.

Not to use such a new business model will be deadly for news agencies.

It is not Tamedia’s fault that jobs are lost but SDA’s management who are from yesterday.  Either they wake up NOW or have them replaced asap with people who understand new technologies, business models and its opportunities.

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