Google puts AI in charge of datacenter cooling systems

Google puts AI in charge of datacenter cooling systems

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is running one of Google’s data centers — or at least the cooling system in said data center. Today in a blog post, the Mountain View, California company said that it has turned over management of cooling controls to an AI-powered recommender system it jointly developed with DeepMind, its U.K.-based AI research subsidiary. Google claims it’s the first fully autonomous model of its kind.”

This news is just a few days old.  But it dates back to 2016 already. Now the systems is fully automated though.

DeepMind was acquired by Google for 500 million USD. At the time it might have seemed a very high price for a young A.I startup. Latest news shows that this is not a high price at all realising ongoing cost savings in the millions USD.

DeepMind has some roots to a Swiss A.I. research lab in Lugano:  IDSIA. One of the co-founders did his PhD there and applied his learned knowledge then at DeepMind in London. A loss for the Swiss high-tech landscape probably but markets for high-tech talents are global and competition is fierce.

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