Israel to target Digital Healthcare

Israel has become the leading high-tech country for IT Security.

Cybersecurity is one of the country’s key growth engines, and Israel is estimated to get some 20 percent of global private investment in cybersecurity technologies, according to government data. Out of 6,000 startups operating in Israel there are some 350-400 cybersecurity firms.

Now Israel is targeting another area: Healthcare.

“But there are 1,500 -1,700 healthcare and life-sciences firms, he noted, and Israel is known as a research and development hub for startups in the medical and biotech industry. So the impact of these companies on Israel has the potential of being even greater, he said.

Israeli venture capital funding in digital health startups jumped by 30 percent last year, to almost $340 million, compared with 2016, according to data from Start-up Nation Central.”

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