Part 1: Interview with Andy von Bechtolsheim: “So yes, Europe has been asleep here for decades.”

What is your comment on this graph comparing the 60 most valuable platforms in the USA, Europe and Asia?

Andy von Bechtolsheim:

The market cap data in this chart is of 2015, before the large US Platform companies climbed to the stratosphere while Europe and Asia declined. In addition, some of the private companies shown are undervalued: UBER is shown at $48B whereas the current estimate for their value is $120B.

So if you used current market data, the map would be much more extreme, with the US companies
probably between 75% to 80% of the worldwide market cap in this sector.
While Europeans use nearly all of these platform services, with rare exceptions such as Spotify
there have been no meaningful European companies that have emerged in this sector.
For example, 2017 data for B2C market share in Germany shows the combination of Amazon
and EBAY to be at 66.5%, whereas the next competitor (Wish from China) is at 2.6%.
The largest German competitor is OTTO with 2% share, Zalando is at 1.3%
So yes, Europe has been asleep here for decades.

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