Flying cars: the future of transportation?

Husband-and-wife duo sets sights on flying cars over San Francisco next year

New Future Transportation (NFT) is developing an electric car prototype with wings that aims to solve congestion and also be affordable at $50,000

Just came across this news in The Times of Israel.  The article mentions a few things:

  • entrepreneurial couple (they could sell an IoT company 3 years ago to GE) invests into an affordable flying car project (target price is 50k), first aim is cargo delivery then people
  • engineering team was hired in Israel and counts already 35
  • New Future Transportation (NFT)
  • its headquarters are in Silicon Valley

Additional thoughts:  we had already two years ago drone delivery demos by the Swiss Post in Lugano. Now what has happened ever since? Are we having wide-spread drone deliveries across Switzerland ? No.

Are we having any bold plans fo carrying more than parcels? No.

Are we testing or planning to do larger cargo transports or even people. No (I think)

A lot of Nos.  I ask why?

Or the better question to ask would be: why are we doing such projects in the first place when we actually don’t even seem to have plans for wide-spread money making or saving projects at least nowhere in the near future?

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