The state of the world according to the WEF report just mentioned in an article that the WEF risk report reads like a horror thriller:

“Wie ein Horror-Thriller: Die Studie des WEF zur Lage der Welt.”

Everywhere the world fights for its survival.
Climate change, data criminality, economic tensions etc.

WEF Global Risk Report

Well, while I don’t want to play down any of these risks, I think this report is self-serving also the interests of the WEF.

Without crisis scenario and  huge challenges how can the WEF justify its existence? Can justify companies to pay 30k – 600k membership fees and the WEF collect 320 million CHF of reserves while at the same time the Swiss government pays for nearly all the security and safety of its main event in Davos?

I want to call out The World Opportunities Report 2019.

We have great opportunities ahead using our brains and technology to master many challenges and to create a great world.

If at some point the world will come to an end, well it is sad, but as with all life this is accepted and normal. And in fact it is even good.

As Steve Jobs said: “Death is very likely the single best invention of life.”

He also said that one should embrace life and its opportunities. See below videos on this.

Looking into the future and its challenges: “Trust in that the dots will connect.”

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