Finding the next Unicorns with Hackathons?

I was always puzzled how a Red Bull, red wine, cola -powered hackathon 24h session would be able to crank out new great ideas.

Still there are so many of them also in Switzerland that I maybe miss here or misunderstand something.

It has been proven – by science – that big room offices are the wrong approach to work efficiency.

Also, it has been proven that the best results we create when we work on our own and this will NOT come in meetings due to various reasons. Only then in meetings when after we present what we came up with on our own and discuss will the additional people add value.

But maybe I miss here something?

My opinion is shared by Andy von Bechtolsheim btw.  And I think he indeed has proven how to create big startup successes.

Again, I am open to learn and be proven wrong…

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10. FB Hackathon in UK

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