Amazon-proof businesses


“Since it was founded 24 years ago, Amazon has contributed to putting many retailers out of business.

Many other retailers are barely clinging to life.

Store closings in the US hit an all-time high last year, according to leading research firm Nielsen.

As such, many investors assume there are only two types of retailers:

  1. Those that Amazon has already put out of business…
  2. and those that Amazon will soonput out of business.

Now this company is investing into so called Amazon-proof businesses.

STORE Capital. Warren Buffet bought 10% of the company in 2017. So what are they doing and what are Amazon-proof businesses?

It partners with businesses that are immune to Amazon’s disruption. Businesses like daycare centers, vet clinics, hair salons, dental practices, gyms, and restaurants.

In other words, businesses that you must visit in person.

Want a new TV? Order one on Amazon and it’ll be on your porch tomorrow.

But if you need a cavity fixed, or your dog groomed, or a babysitter to watch your kid, Amazon can’t help you.

These small- and medium-sized businesses are thriving while many others struggle to keep the doors open.”

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