The real problem with the Swiss e-voting story

In case you follow the Swiss news in IT you saw that one topic got emotions going and – partly – like the Swiss Chaos Computer Club – even insulting. (these guys even published a video that they took at our E-voting event in October 2018 despite agreeing before with us that everyone must first give their permission, they simply did not care at all)

I don’t want to take any sides here in this post as I think having an e-voting is not absolutely needed, not are color TV, the Internet, e-commerce, a mobile with mapping nor many other things we got used to. But quite frankly guys, if we don’t have them isn’t something missing?

The real question is for me: why is it so hard to get an E-Voting System up and running – safely that is entirely clear – when it is running totally fine in Estonia? And don’t let’s kid us. It can be done safely. I am not an expert and my times when programming in machine language, Fortran, C, Pascal, Python etc. are far away and of course I am even less a crypto expert, but I trust some of the top notch security experts I know when they say “yes we can do”. And once more: Estonia is doing it since 15 years! and another question:

What happened 15 years long while E-Voting was investigated in Switzerland?

If a country needs 15 years to get something in IT done (it is not even done) that others are already running without a problem for more than a decade, then this is not an IT but another problem. This must be seriously discussed. My opinion here is: that we are not only EXTREMELY slow with e-voting but with practically all high-tech topics that have a certain time window of opportunity and the net result is that Europe (Switzerland included here for the sake of the discussion) only has 3% market valuation of the world’s top 60 internet platforms. We are in the same league as Africa who has 2% thanks to just one major player (Naspers). Final – rhetorical – question:  

Can we afford to be in high-tech and markets of the future ranked in par with Africa? 

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What happened in Switzerland for 15 years while working on an e-voting system?


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