Data as a “gold mine” in Israel drives Digital Health Innovations

We are planning our 1. International Digital Healthcare Applications event,,so naturally I am alert to news on this. Today this article caught my attention. In it the Minister for health in Israel talks about health data in Israel as a gold mine.

  •  The country boasts 500 digital health startups 
  • A mostly interoperable, fully digital EHR system
  • Last year, Israel’s cabinet approved a 1 billion shekel ($276 million) investment in digital health, focusing primarily on commercializing and otherwise deriving value from the country’s medical databanks.
  • Israel’s healthcare system has been paperless for about 20 years.
  • when a patient shows up in the emergency room, their doctor can immediately access data from their HMO and any previous hospital visits.
  • All this data that is longitudinal, integrated, diverse. We are just 9 million people, but the population of Israel came from 150 countries so we are genetically diverse.
  • Eyal Zimlichman, chief medical officer and chief innovation officer at Sheba Medical Center: Personalized medicine has been around 20 years. Twenty years ago people were saying that by now, they would take a blood test and they would know everything. The reason that’s still not happening is we know genetic data is just one part of the patient. There’s the microbiomic data, the phenotypic data. And that is what we do when we dig deep into these conditions we’ve decided to focus on.” read on in the article below…

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