5G mobile phones from China in Switzerland

Yesterday Swisscom showed off the first 5G mobile phone call at an event and the Swiss press was surprised as they never heard of the brand Oppo. Oppo is the second largest mobile phone vendor in China and has a worldwide market share of 8% which is huge. They are second in China only little behind Huawei who is well known already here. So overall not such a huge step to bring the number 2 Chinese vendor here. It helps to use search… another one is Vivo, see the top 10 below.

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics firm based in Dongguan, Guangdong, A division of the multinational giant BBK Electronics. Oppo is popularly known in the Smartphone market for making the thinnest Android smart phones, they are following Huawei closely in the Smartphone market share and one of the top selling phone brand in China.

from chinawhisper.com

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