How Tesla out-innovated – again – the car industry

Game – set – and match !?

Comments and validations on Tesla’s latest announcements.

Seems they are well ahead of all competitors thanks to their custom asic and their huge dataset gathered from the existing fleet of Tesla cars.

So where will this lead to? Tesla will have soon the world’s first robotaxi services. Tony Seba seems to be right with his predictions. If they do so Tesla will disrupt the car industry entirely.

  1. with EV then
  2. with AV and finally with
  3. TaaS (transport as a service)

Their training approach seems sound to me and will produce an ever-improving system as it gathers more and more corner cases, adapts to more aggressive driving, etc. Also they are retrofitting the older Tesla cars with their new computer which is vastly more powerful than the original one, as shown on pretty graphs in presentation.

Silicon Valley friend of mine who has the time and know-how to check this out in detail.

Go to 1:09:10 to see the press conference:

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