Switzerland’s first 5G network in Europe brings new jobs

Switzerland used to be first with many high-tech IT innovations: first compiler, first operating system, Pascal computer language, first Web intranet, … unfortunately this is history and firsts don’t really occur anymore.
The more great news is that at least in Europe we have the first 5G network and that and event where Swisscom showcases the first 5G call with an Oppo mobile draws more than 300 international journalists.

Now Oppo, number 2 in China and number 5 worldwide, will open an office in Zurich. Great news and proof that firsts in high-tech innovations not only draws international attention (improving our image for real early-stage innovators) but also creates jobs. I hope this happens more often and then maybe soon we are also back again not “only” buying high-tech products and services first, but also actually developing and marketing them. That of course requires a bit more efforts and commitment.


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