“Switzerland should be perceived for who we are”


This is a quote from Nicolas (Bührer) who represents a big company network supporting mainly the interests of those in digital technology introductions and transformations.
I agree with many of his statements in this interview but as can be seen from it: bold and fast visions are not a strength of Switzerland.

Right now there is no urgency at all in the fact that we are missing out on nearly any of the currently big opportunities available. Also no change in the attitude of largest companies towards using newest technology early on or acquiring them. There are exceptions with Roche and Novartis, true, I don’t see anyone else though like in financial services, telecom, industrial. It is clear to everybody who has open eyes that we will see huge disruptions in the financial, transportation, energy, healthcare, telecom industries. Yet, incumbents still try to prolong their current business models not realising that this will happen exponentially fast and that from a trigger point on so fast that you will have no chance to adopt to it if you are not already NOW seeing and acting on with highest urgency.

Also in nearly none of these industries we have companies in the race that could strike it really BIG. That is a double sword problem cos on one side many jobs will be lost in these industries but then we cannot expect to have huge winners in the race who will be able to create thousands and more jobs.

What needs to be done? It is strikingly simple actually. Read on in a following blog post…

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