Is a Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book enough?

I just finished reading this book. I liked it a lot and it certainly gives you a detailed first understanding on the the technical aspects. I am also taking the Stanford University class in Machine Learning (Andrew Ng). That is a great hands-on class with writing code in Octave/Matlab.

I can highly recommend both. Is 100-pages (130 in fact) enough to get an introduction? Well depends on your level of math and computer science know-how. Both require that you are familiar with Linear Algebra and Calculus and you must be able to write code in Python, Octave/Matlab which is not a big deal for any engineering, computer science, math, physics etc. student/professional but might be tricky if you are a not. The author and Andrew claim it is not needed but what is the point reading a technical book or taking a hands-on class if you have no clue and understanding why they use these algorithms and where they are coming from?

Andry Burkov btw works at Gartner. That surprised me a bit…

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