FuckedUp Night great success

Congrats to the ETH Entrepreneur Club for organising yet another great FuckedUp Night with four presenters and a great moderator.

I attended the first time this very well received event (1500, mostly students) and was very impressed. The event concept is clever. It brings “sad” failure stories but has a stand-up comedian moderate it. So the audience experiences a great roller coaster ride from sad to funny and all with great lessons learned.

What is the net outcome of such an event? Well as the somewhat soso Q&A round at the end showed there are many possibilities. Somehow that discussion was suddenly turning into an equal gender rights discussion, which was – IMHO – not the right event and place to bring it up. But I guess the women who did felt like – I assume triggered by Jean-Claude Biver’s great talk.

I saw folks gathering after the event and talking about “so guys, what we do now? let’s get it going…”. That was randomly observed but it looked like they got inspired and see risk differently by this event and if that is indeed happening then also the net outcome is great.

It would be good to use such an event more to analyse the net results, and also use it to really to address the cultural issues we face in Switzerland. It is talked about and mentioned in nearly all talks (where the speakers can relate to Switzerland, which not all could). Those challenges are – partly:

we are too slow, we are too risk averse, we don’t go for the big vision, we like to copy (e.g. from working models like startups in the US) https://fuckupnights.com/),…

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