“The way to succeed is not to work.” – Jean-Claude Biver

Jean-Claude Biver was this week at the ETH Entrepreneur’s Club FuckedUp Night. He said the same there. Watch the following video and you will understand:

Jean-Claude Biver at INSEAD

Here his lessons summarized:

  1. Find your passion to work.
  2. Hire only better people.
  3. Keep them by sharing. Only share success never failure. Success goes to your team, failure goes on you.
  4. Then you can develop synergies and become very strong.
  5. You must be honest and look for the long term results/success. Only the success at the end counts. Stay humble, stay with the startup mentality.

“All you need is love.” ” There is nothing you can do that cannot be done.”

Beatles and Jean-Claude Biver’s life lessons and “what schools need to teach too.”

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