SoftBank’s $200 billion Startup Machine

We heard about the 484 million USD investment round for GetYourGuide. Main investor is SoftBank who has in his Vision Fund I $100 billion for later-stage companies. Interestingly SoftBank also invested in the Hong Kong competitor Klook.

This is a common strategy they do, same in the ride-hailing market where they invested in Uber, Didi Chuxing and also Grab.

Now they will launch another $100 billion Vision Fund II. Both are an incredible support for the high-tech industry and – future will show – an incredible entry into the future of high-tech successes and if that happens will have a great share in many of the disruptions coming up. Among them is also Jack Ma’s Alibaba. SoftBank’s original $20 million investment in Alibaba turned 14 years later into $60 billion! They also are behind Europe’s biggest tech deal ever ARM ($30 billion). Also they bought Boston Dynamics – the robotics company owned by Google for some time and invested in Roivant Sciences in Switzerland. Their goal is to become the main shareholder of 100 leading tech companies in the world which they should achieve easily. Invested in the fund are well-know companies like Apple, but also Saudi Arabia and others.

Most astonishing is that SoftBank’s Vision Fund only appeared in 2016 on the investor scene. It seems they are rolling up the venture capital industry with it.

  • SoftBank and its $100 billion Vision Fund, the world’s largest technology investor, have massively disrupted start-up investment and deployed about $80 billion.
  • The Japanese company run by Masayoshi Son has put almost $40 billion into 19 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies — 14 on the 2019 Disruptor 50 list.
  • The Vision Fund has made unprecedented VC investments in late-stage companies seeking between 20% to 40% ownership, according to one partner.
  • SoftBank now plans to launch another $100 billion fund, called Vision Fund II.

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