China/Huawei vs. US/Trump

A person is innocent until proven guilty.

Observing this (high-tech) trade war between China/Huawei and US/Trump, here are few comments and observations:

  • US high-tech companies are no less dependent on their governments than Chinese. They can be made to stop business relations, open up their books, give access to confidential data…
  • Without a clear proof, public accusations and even exclusions from tenders were executed. If these accusations show to be wrong, the US gov. should be liable for substantial direct and reputation damage payments.
  • It is clear that Huawei has copied, albeit stolen years ago Cisco router software and all its blueprints. I lived and worked in Silicon Valley at the time and it was common knowledge. Same was true for Ericsson’s base stations that were 1:1 copied. It seems both of these companies made deals with the Chinese gov. to keep access to the Chinese market. Why has one not at that time made it very clear what the business rules are and punished them as needed?
  • US president Trump is a TV actor. As such he knows that you need a bad guy, a good guy / hero and you need to tell stories. He seems to have found a story with one bad guy and he plays the hero in his personal agenda fight against China.
  • The US will loose this fight, why? Cos Chinese are thinking long-term -VERY LONG-TERM in fact. They can wait for Trump to be not elected next year and even if he will be re-elected, wait another 4 years. Such direct confrontations with China make no sense at all also cos of cultural reasons. Trump will learn that the hard way. Sad only that others will pay for it and not him.

Reasonable doubt is required in criminal proceedings under the due process clause of the FifthAmendment to the U.S.Constitution.

Reasonable doubt:

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