16. Cyber Intelligence Event: US, Iran tensions show cyberattacks becoming part of warfare


Eight years ago we hosted the first Cyber War Event in Switzerland. It got quite a lot of attention but the experts also said while it is possible they don’t seem totally convinced that this is mainstream and can be called “war”.

We also hosted in the second event the man who coined the term Cyber War, Richard Clark. He was entirely convinced that this is already the case.

Our event host: BKW in Bern

Fast forward: at the 16. Cyber Intelligence Tech Trend event on Sept 5 in Bern, hosted at BKW, it will be common know-how that this is part of military campaigns and attacks have happened already against electrical utilities in the Ukraine and the US.

We will focus again at that event on Cyber attacks against critical infrastructure such as el. utilities. Security re. OT, SCADA, ICS is the focus then.

If you are a security manager from a critical infrastructure provider contact us for a free entrance ticket.

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