Elon Musk and Jack Ma Debate AI at China Summit


Jack Ma and Elon Musk disagree on AI vs humans. A funny Jack Ma as usual and a highly intelligent and a bit too serious maybe Elon Musk. (probably also jetlagged)

I commented on this in LinkedIn also:

The total number and number of connections of each human brain cell is still much higher than deep neural networks. I read that maybe by 2050 we will have reached that though. If experience means learning then of course if we can also have the datasets to train those deep networks, then it will be interesting to see where that leads. I think I understand what Jack Ma means with „heart“ but Elon also means that if machines cannot be differentiated from humans anymore then what is the difference? Of course computers will be much better and much faster – already now – at many things and it is increasing. This debate should have been more about what we should do to keep control. This I did not hear addressed but seems the more critical issue.

Additional comment: As discussed with my friend Erol B. who lives in SV, Elon Musk sees the world in trouble, while Jack Ma is optimistic. Both have valid points. But maybe they should join together to cover it all as both have merit?

This could be a joined China + US approach – what a nice thought?! 🙂

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