Coronavirus: The detectives racing to contain the virus in Singapore

Once again it appears that speed is not only in innovation and high-tech a key advantage, but also when it comes to containing and fighting the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The measures that are taken by the world’s country governments range from China to totally sealing off a 11 million city and Singapore, as described here, using all kinds of technologies like CCTV plus an army of Health Ministry employees to find everyone who has been close to an infected person and then put them into quarantine.

It seems to work out. Singapore, despite its close ties to China, has no dead person yet and infection rates are low.

I am hearing from people saying: “Ok that is Singapore and they can do that.” I think it is not a matter of Singapore or any other country in the world.

While it is too late now for others, I seriously think we need to apply similar measures to be able to fight the next wave 2 that virologists expect to follow.
The world, after all, cannot afford a similar abyss following this one. We can hardly bear the current one and how bad it will hit us still has to be seen. If things work out we will just slightly avoid the Italian situation. I am talking about Europe and Switzerland now. It appears to me though that the US has not yet understood that talking will not scare away this virus, but actions and enforcements; like getting the students from Miami beach and elsewhere partying back to their places.

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