We want Switzerland to expand its world-leading business competitiveness as a high-tech nation

Board Members

Ralf Haller

Initiator, Evangelist, Silicon Valley and China experienced,

Halil Sütlü

International Law

Victor Bergonzoli

International Sales, USA and Asia experienced

Vincent Bieri

Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley experienced, ICT expert

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Ralph Eichler

Universities, Technology parcs, R&D labs relations

Leo Keller

Technology Entrepreneurship, Financing, Exit Strategies

Dr. Luca Triacca

Digital Transformation and Online Marketing

Prof. Dr. Shlomo Maital

Innovation and Entrepreneurship education, Israel Startup-Nation

Shomit Ghose

Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Silicon Valley experienced

What others say

Daniel Gutenberg

Angel investor, venture capitalist and unicorn hunter

Lucian Wagner

Transatlantic Entrepreneur and Early-Stage Investor

“I very much like and support the idea to encourage high-tech innovations in Switzerland. Learning from the world’s leading innovation ecosystems and adapting it to Switzerland’s own needs and circumstances is the way to go. If Switzerland will succeed in the future will depend on this and as history has shown it will happen much faster than anyone can image.”

“Swiss high-tech startups came a long way compared to 10 years ago. Many initiatives have been undertaken to encourage this process. Some with success others with less. The need for high-tech innovations and the creation of high-tech ventures with global success is clear. How and how fast to achieve this remains a challenge and hard work. I wholeheartedly support the idea to accelerate this process and to bring as much high-tech networking and learning to Switzerland as possible.”

Dorian Selz

Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer

Angel investor

“High Tech Connect Switzerland is a great initiative to address issues that hinder Switzerland to use its full potential in ICT. While Switzerland is great in developing world class ICT products it’s often failing to deploy these technologies effectively. The High-Tech Connect events and activities will address these issues and contribute to change effectively.”

“As angel investor and co-founder of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), I help early-stage deep tech startups in Switzerland to take off quickly backed by smart money. Building a stronger network between Swiss entrepreneurs and ambitious international high-tech ventures will be beneficial to everybody involved. High-Tech Connect suisse is contributing important building blocks for growing the Swiss high tech ecosystem faster and to ensure long term success.”

Franz Grüter

ICT Entrepreneur, Nationalrat

Aron Braun

High-tech and low-tech Entrepreneur

“I am fully supporting this initiative. Switzerland has been economically very successful in the past and reached highest rankings for competitiveness. To compete in the future, we need a strong IT high-tech-industry, that will create thousands of new ideas, opportunities and jobs. We need to learn from the leading international high-tech ecosystems and need to partner where appropriate. While digitalisation of existing industries is mandatory it is also mandatory to create new and large Swiss high-tech success stories. That’s why I’m proud to support High-tech Connect Suisse.”

“High-tech jobs are the future and every one of them creates five  others in lower tech industries.
It is therefore mandatory that Switzerland succeeds here as well.
Hightech Connect Suisse promotes this idea and makes it public that we must catch up to the world leaders. 
I support this and hope many are listening.”

Sascha Götte

Hochschule Luzern, 
Professor for Marketing & Strategic Management

“I have been visiting various High-tech Connect suisse Events and was inspired.
In particular the initiatives to bring global ecosystems like Israel and Silicon Valley to Switzerland I find highly inspiring and important.
Important because it helps open perspectives and allows us to compare with the leaders in the world.
For Switzerland it is crucial to invest intensively in high-tech and to land some large global business successes.
Only then can we compete internationally, create jobs and maintain our high levels of life quality.”

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