We want Switzerland to expand its world-leading business competitiveness as a high-tech nation.

Who are we?

High-tech Connect was founded by high-tech business enthusiasts who all have extensive international life and work experiences. 

We experienced the dynamics of Silicon Valley, China and also India and the Middle East first hand.

We believe in the use of technology, and trust in the powers of humans and societies to mostly use it to their benefits.

As such, we want to introduce new high-tech trends and companies early on to Switzerland. We do so mainly through events, executive education, discussions, publications, and lobbying.

High-tech businesses have the power to create many new jobs and while they could pose a threat to static phlegmatic incumbents, they offer many huge business opportunities. Foremost among which are the possibilities for a wealthier, healthier, safer, and fairer world. Technology also allows us to go after the most pressing global challenges. Of course, there are also inherent threats and challenges. However, as was said earlier, we believe in being able to overcome them.

We would like you to join us by attending our activities and also by becoming members and main partners sharing our goals and enthusiasm.

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