We believe that Switzerland can find the courage to think and act as a High-tech Nation and secure its future prosperity.


High-Tech Connect: the first Swiss global high-tech innovation association that bridges the gap to the world’s leading technology innovation ecosystems and trends.

The goals of High-Tech Connect are to support the interests of Swiss companies wanting to apply technology trends emerging from the world’s leading innovation ecosystems, to contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of technology trends and to remove the barriers that limit the development of global tech companies. Through divers activities such as innovation ecosystem events (Silicon Valley, Israel, China, …), high-tech trend events, innovation ecosystem trips, networking, sales & marketing support, training and research, the organization aims to build a stronger tech-innovation spirit in Switzerland and beyond, to enable sustainable growth now and in the future.

We provide a bridge to …

  • The spirit of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems (Silicon Valley, Israel, China and others)
  • New (information) technology trends and their applications

Why does Switzerland need this?

Despite Switzerland’s top ranking in the global innovation indexes and in patent filing, there are substantial challenges:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit (only 2% of university graduates want to work for a startup or start a company on their own, compare that to 75% in Israel)
  • Scaling technology companies to become international success stories is very difficult
    (today Switzerland has only one unicorn, a startup valued at 1$ billion)
  • Investments in technology ventures are very low in Switzerland (only one BVG pension organization invests in technology companies. This is despite the currently very low return, which threatens Swiss pensions. This compares to Israel, where 3% is invested in startups/funds; in the US, an astonishing 15% annual return has been achieved over the last 30 years)
  • The adoption rate of new technology trends by established Swiss companies is very slow, putting these organizations at risk of losing out against newcomers. This also allows the Internet power players to move into these industries and apply technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and many others for ALL of their products – NOW
  • While the USA and Israel specializes in advanced high technology, the EU and Switzerland focus on what might be called medium high-tech (chemicals, electrical and mechanical equipment, automobiles and parts), which has less research intensity and perhaps, less innovation

How do we intend to do this?

  • Provide trainings (workshops, courses, trips)
  • Conduct research (technology trends and adoption, tech ventures and entrepreneurship)
  • Organize networking possibilities (events, meet-ups and social gatherings)
  • Support with global sales & marketing, venture/innovation financing and technology adoption
  • Partner with other Swiss and global organizations

The Core & Advisory Team

Prof. Dr. Ralph Eichler

Universities, Technology parcs, R&D labs relations

Leo Keller

Technology Entrepreneurship, Financing, Exit Strategies

Ralf Haller

Initiator, Evangelist, Silicon Valley and China experienced

Prof. Dr. Shlomo Maital

Innovation and Entrepreneurship education, Israel Startup-Nation

Victor Bergonzoli

International Sales, USA and Asia experienced


Daniel Gutenberg

Angel investor, venture capitalist and unicorn hunter

Lucian Wagner

Transatlantic Entrepreneur and Early-Stage Investor

“I very much like and support the idea to encourage high-tech innovations in Switzerland. Learning from the world’s leading innovation ecosystems and adapting it to Switzerland’s own needs and circumstances is the way to go. If Switzerland will succeed in the future will depend on this and as history has shown it will happen much faster than anyone can image.”

“Swiss high-tech startups came a long way compared to 10 years ago. Many initiatives have been undertaken to encourage this process. Some with success others with less. The need for high-tech innovations and the creation of high-tech ventures with global success is clear. How and how fast to achieve this remains a challenge and hard work. I wholeheartedly support the idea to accelerate this process and to bring as much high-tech networking and learning to Switzerland as possible.”

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