Impact of a nations culture on high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship success

The aim of our activities are to address cultural aspects for high-tech entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation success.

We do this by providing education and information, organizing informational events, conducting (online) workshops and research work.

Some of the research questions we address are

  • What are cultural influencers for success in high-tech companies? (e.g. five key cultural dimensions)
  • How does culture interact with other innovation ecosystem dimensions (markets, context, institutions)?
  • What measures can be taken to overcome cultural influencers early in high-tech companies and increase their success rates? (e.g. how to create a balanced founder team)
  • Can the magnitude of success be influenced by these measures? (e.g. create more unicorns and more high-tech jobs)
  • Can the value of high-tech companies be increased? (e.g. enable exits in the hundreds of millions USD)

Excelling in technological entrepreneurship and high-tech innovations

In order for a nation to excel in technological entrepreneurship and high-tech innovations many aspects play a role. Our advisor – Prof. Shlomo Maital – who has 30 years experience in entrepreneurship education – talks in his book (Mapping National Innovation Ecoystems) about the four key dimensions of innovation that build a generic innovation ecosystem:

  • culture
  • markets
  • context (including infrastructure); and
  • institutions (including regulations).

While these four dimensions interact in complex ways, one of the most important ones and maybe the most critical for large success is culture.

Why is this? Read our blog post for more information …

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