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High-Tech Connect INSIGHTS is an international point of reference for information, trends, and data about high-tech entrepreneurship and new technologies. Another focus is on high-tech business applications and its influence on the economy, culture, and society. It commissions, directs, and carries out a profound breadth of qualitative and quantitative research in Switzerland and globally.

Through defining guidelines, collecting study data, and cooperating with world-leading research institutes and partners, High-Tech Connect INSIGHTS is a solid and reliable source of quality information for Swiss and global high-tech entrepreneurship and high-tech trends shaping our future.

Currently commissioned Research:

  • Does the number of patents filed in a country correlate with creating new jobs in a society?
  • To what extent, or at all, can entrepreneurship be taught or must it exist inherently?
  • Does Information Technology and its trends create or destroy jobs?
  • What are the high-tech trends that will shape our future and create high-tech jobs until 2025?
  • Artificial Intelligence business applications and cases.
  • Blockchain business applications and cases.
  • Is Silicon Valley actually creating new jobs?
  • How the world’s leading innovation ecosystems work. (Silicon Valley, Israel and others)

Switzerland focused:

  • How attractive is it for university graduates in Switzerland to start or join a high-tech startup?
  • Taking inspiration from Israeli and US investments in tech ventures and funds, could the Swiss pension system learn how to improve its return (which is below currently 1.3%)?
  • How can the Swiss high-tech startup ecosystem attract more international venture capital?
  • Comparing the Israeli and Swiss high-tech innovation ecosystems.
  • How can the Swiss Financial Services industry profit from latest high-tech trends?
  • What are real threats for Swiss corporations from current disruptive high-tech trends?
  • Is Switzerland an attractive location for global high-tech companies?

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