SME or Startup Management

Hightech Connect Suisse brings the spirit of worldwide leading high-tech regions to Switzerland.

As an SME or startup manager a membership will bring you the following benefits:

  • Learn about the leading high-tech trends in the world
    • So you know what the level is in case you intend to compete internationally
    • Get new ideas what to maybe do as well or even better
  • Network with some of the most respected technology companies
    • Form partnerships for Swiss, European and other markets
    • Possibly offer your own expertise/products/company activtities to them
  • Use Hightech Connect Suisse events to present/market yourself
    • Proudly tell your success story
    • Find potential investors into your company
    • Find large Swiss customers
    • Find marketing/resell partners
  • Learn what is needed to scale your business internationally (e.g. Unicorn  Switzerland event)
  • Be part of an innovation community and help us lobby for a strong high-tech spirit in Switzerland
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