University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager

Hightech Connect Suisse brings the spirit of worldwide leading high-tech regions to Switzerland.

As a university entrepreneurship and innovation program manager a membership will bring you the following benefits:

  • Learn about the leading high-tech trends in the world
    • So you can stay on top of the latest trends
    • Get access to event presentations giving you excellent material for your own activities
    • Get an idea about new high-tech business models so you can educate your students
    • Send your students to events as part of your program
  • Meet other universities and discuss their and your challenges and joint opportunities
  • Use Hightech Connect Suisse events to present yourself
    • Market your own hightech R&D and education programs at a tech trend, workshop or innovation ecosystem event
  • Be part of an innovation community and help us lobby for a strong high-tech spirit in Switzerland
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