High-tech Connect Suisse – Live Web-Workshops

Best practices, tips & tricks, introductions to current high-tech trends and business topics.
This list is constantly updated, please check-in frequently.

Code Topic
HB-1Business Modell Innovations
DC-1DCIM – start your selection process for a DCIM solution
DC-2How can Swiss datacenters compete globally and attract international clients?
WP-1Mobile management for large corporations
WP-2Desk sharing – latest trends
WP-3A.I. at the workplace – applications and what will the future bring for our jobs?
CY-1Large Swiss enterprise: You were hacked – what now?
CY-2Critical infrastructure providers: You were hacked – what now?
CY-3Swiss government: You were hacked – what now?
CY-4Autonomous deception technology
MT-1Marketing & Sales Technology – latest trends
ML-1Machine Learning and A.I. – Financial services applications
ML-2Machine Learning and A.I. – Personalized health applications
ML-3Self-driving car technology – current status and what will the future bring?
ML-4Commercial drones – current and what will the futire bring?
IA-1IoT – How will it impact your business in 5-10 years?
IA-2Robotics – what to expect in 5-10 years?
IA-3Smart cities – what to expect?
E-1e-sports – the business and investment opportunities
E-2Gaming – the business and investment opportunities 
FT-1The Future of wealth management – intro to robo advisors
FT-2The Future of online and mobile payment in Switzerland
EC-1Internationalization – how to sell globally online
EC-2Best business practices for E-commerce shops in Switzerland
IE-1Startup-Nation Israel – history and success stories
IE-2Success criteria for high-tech startups. Lessons learned.
IE-3How to raise venture capital – what are VCs looking for?
IE-4Exit strategies for startups
IE-5Growth Hacker Marketing
IE-6Growing your company internationally

Fees: Members free, Non-members: 150 CHF
With participation certificate.

Duration: 1 – 1 1/2h.

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